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Luca snorted as Ryana declared that the traitorous bird had "good priorities." A smile still graced his angular face. The elf watched the woman stroke the bird, wondering if she'd ever had the pleasure to do so before. Probably not. I bet they don't have that many birds in the city and you probably have to have some sort of high rank to be able to own one. But I'll bet that not a one has a gyrfalcon. Regular falcons maybe and hawks, but nothing like Sully.

Suliss'urn. That's his full name. Sully's for short. Raised him from an egg, I did. I was going to fry him up for breakfast, but he hatched in my pocket. Right inconvenient he is. Luca chuckled softly. But, once he hatched, I knew I had to care for him. No bird in their right mind will touch something that smells so much like one of the "civilized" folk. Besides, I was basically his Mam for as long as he can remember and now we're partners. He's a gyrfalcon, one of the largest types of falcons that exist. He prefers eating small birds though will content himself on squirrel and rabbit. And for a big bird, he's a polite eater and quite used to people. The man looked at the bird fondly.

Sully had closed his eyes as Ryana's finger went down his feathered chest and cooed softly, lulled into relaxation.
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