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Ryana didn't move. At least, not until Sully's weight fell upon her shoulder. Then her head raised in slight alarm and startlement. Great...not only is the crazy wearing off on me, but the bird likes me too! This is just to much." But she was slightly charmed nonetheless, her lips smiling likely as she turned her head to look at Sully.

The priest of Randatis laughed as Luca started to try to get up. "If you can't stand yet without help, then you probably shouldn't be on your feet. Rest there awhile child, until you're strength and balance return."

Her violet eyes wide with curiosity, Ryana's head tilted a little as she examined Sully. He was comfortable enough on her shoulder, and the wood elf piece of her could not resist. Slowly, she reached out with one hand to run a finger down Sully's chest feathers, keeping a watchful eye out. There was no end to stories she had heard where some stupid person got their finger snapped off by a unruly falcon.
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