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Luca turned to look at Father Bran at the sound of his voice and smiled brightly. My thanks, good Father. He reached out and took the waterskin. The water trickled down his throat, warm and tasting slightly of leather, but he was thirsty. He pried it from his lips and breathed heavily for a moment before drinking some more. Apparently this healing thing is a thirsty business...

Sully puffed up as he watched the wood elf ignore him in favor of the water skin. The gyrfalcon grumble in pure birdlike fashion, earning him a laugh from Luca and a poke to his fluffy, white feathered chest. Silly bird! I nearly die and you have the indecency to look affronted because I'm taking care of myself and ignoring you for all of a minute or less! Luca rolled his eyes and handed the skin back to the Father before he exhaled softly.

The wood elf put his hands flat on the floor and began to try to push himself to his feet, emphasizing the "try" part. It wasn't working. He was still too dizzy. I don't suppose someone has a cane or a stick I can use to get to my feet, hmm? He looked at the two other bipedal creatures in the room, hoping that someone would help him up in some way. Sully, being smarter than Luca or so the bird thought in his bird thoughts, hopped a little and then flew back upon Ryana's shoulder, settling heavily upon her instead, tipping his head to look at her from his new perch and burbling softly.
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