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She jumped as the bird seemed to fall off her shoulder to fly to his owner. It had been so sudden. But then, that must be the usual way with the bird, since it didn't seem abnormal. She frowned as he landed on Luca's chest though. "No. Don't wake-" The bird's screech made her cover her ears for a moment. Ow...

Bran stepped out, holding a leather water skin in hand. "I say, what was that noise?!" He looked around and spotted the bird, along with Luca sitting up and talking to the gryfalcon.The old man sighed lightly, and watched for a moment.

Rya, stood completely still and almost as if in shock. First of all, few things would ever wake someone from a healing sleep so quickly, and second, he was talking to the bird, as if the bird was talking back. "By golly, I rescued a crazy..." She muttered moving to sit down on the stool. She put her palm against her forehead, her auburn hair falling forward into a curtain that blocked her from view. "And he's already worn off on me. I was talking to the bird a second ago.."

Bran chuckled, the priest coming over to Luca and holding out the water. "Here ya go, lad. Drink up. You'll need it after that healing."
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