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Sully, once inside, burbled in his throat as the unfamiliar woman talked to him. As the bird saw Luca on the floor, he whistled in his birdlike way and tipped his head, looking at the man. When that failed to bring a physical response from his bondmate, Sully decided that he was sleeping and it was time to wake up.

The gyrfalcon both fell and flew from Ryana's shoulder and landed on Luca's chest and began to yell at him. The high pitched screeching had Luca's eyes flying open in no time as the man sat up in a rush, launching the bird to the ground where he squawked in both surprise and agitation. Oh, Sully! I'm sorry about that! Seems like someone let you in after... oh... all. The wood elf put a hand to his forehead as he felt the blood rush around his head in a quick manner. Too soon to sit up I take it.

The bird had righted himself on the floor and tilted his head, regarding the man. Oh, I'm fine. Don't worry about it. It's just a spot of dizziness. I'm sure it will pass soon. The hazel eyed elf stroked the bird's head lovingly with his other hand as Sully clacked his beak together once again. I'm glad that I'm able to fix your hair for you. It was no trouble at all. It is always good to look your best even if the ladies aren't around to oggle you. The gyrfalcon burbled again in his throat. No, I haven't seen any ladies. Well, except Miss Ryana here, but she's not a bird and I don't think she's your type. Luca grinned and sent a wink the woman's way.
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