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She was slightly shocked that the bird had come to her so easily. She winced as he claws pushed into her glove, not braking the soft leather, but point through it either way. The woman was fascinated by how soft his feather felt as they brushed her cheek though, and she stayed as still as she could for the moment, letting the bird inch to her shoulder, where she found him much more comfortable to be there. His claws didn't dig in as deeply because her shoulder was wider than her slender arms.

Keeping her walk at an even glide, and still curious about the bird, she walked back through the door with the gryfalcon on her shoulder. She could see the white feathers of his chest as she glanced out of the corner of her eye at him. Luca was still on the floor by the alter, and Bran still searching for a water cask. "He should wake in a few minutes..." She murmured, still thinking herself crazy for talking to the bird.
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