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Sully was a bored bird. He knew that his bondmate was inside the big box with the wall that moved. The wall that moved was a door. But as he was a bird, it was a wall that moved. The door opened and the unfamiliar person peeked out. His bondmate had trusted the unfamiliar person to carry him to the big box with the wall that moved. The unfamiliar person was also saying Sully's name.

The gyrfalcon cocked his head as if listening to her as she garbled something in sounds he did not know. She was extending her arm and it was difficult to get into big boxes with walls that moved unless he was on an arm or shoulder. These things he knew. The bird gurgled noises in the back of his throat before flapping his wings to get off the ground and settle upon the woman's arm. The woman was wearing gloves, but not of the thick sort that Luca had so he tried to be nice. Being a large bird, he was not only heavy, but had long, sharp talons. Sully's wingtips brushed her as he beat them, trying to find balance on a smaller arm than he was used to, but giving up to inch up to her shoulder instead.

Perched on her shoulder, Sully was much happier and better balanced. He clicked his beak together a few times and tipped his head to get a better look at Ryana herself.
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