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Ryana's reflexes kicked in to catch Luca before he toppled. She settled the slim man down to the floor, stuffing her small pack under his head to pillow if from the unforgiving stone.

Bran raised an eyebrow. "Who's Sully?"

"He's got a bird of some sort. Some type of falcon. From what I could see, the bird is very well trained and also loyal. Do you mind him in here? I'll clean up if he makes a mess." She shook her head softly, barely believing that she was just automatically helping out in such a fashion. But the bird had seemed very intelligent, the look in its eyes sharp as any falcon's. Bran nodded at her and proceeded back to the room he had been in before, searching out a flask of water.

The half-elf woman walked swiftly over the short distance to the door, and peeked out, skillfully not being noticed for the moment, until she spotted the white, spotted bird. "Uh... Sully?" She tentatively called, opening the door wider as she stepped out onto the steps, and cautiously holding out a hand. "Luca's inside. He asked me to bring you in." Crazy woman, talking to a bird! It's not like he can understand! She blinked with bright violet eyes though, feeling a liking for the animal pulling from her wood elf blood. The bird was truly beautiful.
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