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Ryana wasn't the only one fascinated by the healing. Luca watched intently as things closed. It was like watching a master potter work with clay. There were lumps, wet them, and then push them together. The best thing was that skin seemed like clay that would push itself together if told to do so. It was absolutely fascinating. Of course, the dizziness was creeping in on him again, but he tried to fight it off using words. An endless prattle of useless words. Not bad for my first time in the big City, hmm? I get tricked down an alleyway by a child who didn't actually have a sister in need of assistance. Then I get attacked by six ruffians... Six, right? Yeah. So Sully'n I are able to dispatch what we need to. Thank Urvas for Sully or I'd be dead. Then, I find myself looking at this pretty Miss who gets me here. Though, if I do say so myself, I think she could probably kill me by looking at me sideways. She's got a pretty nasty glare, I'm thinking, Father. But now I'm here and getting fixed up by a man who definitely seems to know his craft, eh? His chin jerked to the side as he regarded Ryana out of the corner of his eyes in a very birdlike manner. I do think that she thinks that I have coin in my boot though. But... if I had coin in my boot, Father, you'd be welcome to it. I assure you though, I have no coin in my boot. Let my bird in will you? Heh.

Luca had managed to stay awake for the complete healing, but as he said the word "Heh," he fell over backwards, dizzy and asleep instantly.

Sully was pacing on the stairs outside the chapel, scaring off the little sparrows that wanted to eat the seeds scattered on the ground and looking towards the door, clicking his beak together agitatedly.
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