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Ryana led Luca to the stool, Bran moving ahead of them slightly. "There will be plenty of time for hand shaking later, my good elf." He smiled warmly at Luca as he started to mutter in prayer, asking his god to grant healing powers to him for the wounded. His hands glowed a little in the dark light as he held them over the wood elf's leg first. It was by far the worst injury that was on the man for the moment.

Never failing to be fascinated by watching skin and muscle being knit back together, the young woman watched with wide eyes, a small smile on her face. She knew that she was not meant to be a priestess. She took a far different route of helping others, but by being friends with Bran and his colleagues, and helping them keep their temple running and available for others, she felt like she contributed to healing others in her own way.

The priest's eyebrows pulled together in concentration, his brown eyes focused on the wound until it was fully healed up. "Be ready to catch him should he tip over, Rya." He murmured before moving on to the cut in Luca's arm. She nodded, fully expecting the wood elf to tip over with the exhaustion that came with magical healing. If he stayed awake, he was far more resilient than he looked.

It didn't take long for the priest to finish his prayers for healing, healing up the cut in Luca's lip as well, but only barely quickening the healing of his bruised eye. Just enough to allow him to open it once more.
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