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Luca chuckled bitterly as Ryana suggested that normal people getting robbed would have handed over their money without a fight. Had I money, I would have handed it over... But apparently when you tell city folk "I have no money," that means that I'm hiding it in my boot! Or better yet, I swallowed it and you'll have to wait a day or two until it comes back into my possession. And that is what I get for trying to help a poor unfortunate soul. The wood elf sighed as he limped along, still leaning against the woman.

The three steps were near torturous for the poor man, nearly fainting as it required him to bend his legs more than they were ready for. The leg wound gushed blood down his pants in a wretched streamer of crimson. Well, that's not good. I'm sure I'm a right mess now. He realized that he wasn't even watching where he was going now that he was looking at his leg. It was mesmerizing in the most morbid of ways. And then they were inside.

Luca had to blink several times before his eyes adjusted to the dark gloom inside the warmth of the chapel. And then there was the priest. Ah, Father. I am grateful for your compassion and aid. I will not say no to a practitioner of the Light. May your God grant you strength and generosity for that which you lend me this day. I would shake your hand, but at the moment, I do not think that would be wise or we'd be scraping me off the floor. The man tried to smile though the swelling of his lip had gotten much worse.
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