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Chatty... Randatis give me patience!" She looked at the man, her violet eyes even brighter with the daylight shining down upon them. "Usually, there aren't many country or forest folk that get attacked like that. Most of them give up what little money they may have. Or their in the venders, selling their wares." She winkled her straight nose and brushed hair away from her eyes, guiding him around groups of people and away from obvious places that would be pickpocketed easier than the main stream. Not that he had money, but one never knew what was in anothers pockets.

"I help all that I can. It doesn't matter where they're from... Mostly, I end up helping the urchins and orphans, like the one who tricked you today. I try to keep them out of the situations that call for desperate measures to get a coin so they can have a proper meal. Pickpocketing is common enough, but at least they don't hurt others for that." The anger in her voice was evident at such a practice as tricking and intimidating others for money.

One more turn around a corner, and she guided him off to the side, where a small temple stood. There were three steps up into the simple building, and she carefully helped him up them.

It was dimly lighted inside,and she had to pause a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. "Father Bran?" Her voice echoed slightly in the almost empty chamber. It was quite plainly a room for gatherings, but it was apparent that there were few that gathered.

"Rya, child, is that you?" The voice came from the back, where a door was open, leading into another room. A middle-aged man came out, his hair grey and pulled back into a pony tail. "What have you brought me this time, lady?" his voice tittered slightly as he saw the wounds on the wood elf.

"Father Bran, this is Luca. He's never been in a city before."

Eyebrows raised, the man smiled and chuckled, "So I can see. Come, sit. I will work Randatis' powers for the man." He gestured over to a stool near the alter.
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