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Luca was mildly disappointed that Ryana didn't say anything about either loving or hating his alliteration. And he had tried so hard to make it up too! The wood elf had no qualms about letting another person aid him so he took her arm and leaned a fraction of his weight upon her though not enough to overbalance her or cause her to walk with more than a "lady's share." Sully? I'll be lucky if he doesn't catapault himself out of the sky at my back and try to land on my shoulder. He'll follow us if he wants to be nice. I'm sure he's worried about me in his way. Once again the man tried to smile... and failed.

He limped along with her, but silence killed him. It really did. Perhaps that was why he talked to Sully so much. Without Sully, he was simple a chatty wood elf with some rather inconvenient wounds. So, Ryana... Do you often stop to help injured forest folk find their way around the City? Or is this just today because it's "Help an Idiot Day"? And how far did you say it was to your priests? I'm starting to get more dizzy. Heh. Dizzy. I wonder who made up that word because it doesn't sound like it should mean anything. Pedestrians passing the pair of them by looked at them strangely. Undoubtedly some recognized Ryana for whom she was though others would have only seen a very messed up wood elf getting dragged along by a woman.

Sully flew after them, going building to building. For the time, he was being a nice gyrfalcon.
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