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Country, forest...same difference! But Ryana curbed her words. The sarcasm and orneriness was just because she was worried for the man. She knew what good actors the urchins could be, surely his heart was tugged as much as hers often was. Her eyes were sharp as his head jerked in the same fashion as the bird, and she nodded as the gryfalcon flew up to the top of the building. "Come on, then." She rolled her eyes at his multiple titles for her, and held out an arm, not sure if he'd allow her to help support him on his wounded side.

Either way, she led him from the alley. "I trust your bird will either follow or find its way back to you?" She didn't know what else to say as they turned onto the street, going to the right with the flow of bodies. The closest temple of Randatis was small, but the priests who were in it were devout and had power because of it. She knew them well enough to consider them slight friends. They would help.
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