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Luca tried to smile, but the cut on his lip was beginning to swell more too. "Right mess" is quite right. I feel awful. I've no money. And I told them that already. A little boy told me his sister was hurt and needed someone to carry her home. I... Well, I guess I came to get ambushed, but I thought I was going to help him. He shrugged and began to push himself into a seated position with his good arm, the other held close to his chest.

The gyrfalcon stood with a flap of his large wings and chirped, tilting his head with a jerky manner to look at Luca. Luca jerked his head about in the same manner as the bird and whistled. Sully launched himself into the air and settled on the top of the building, scaring the little sparrows away with his sudden presence. A ghost of a smile crossed the elf's lips and he looked over at the woman. Well, Ryana, I'm forest folk, not country folk. I should be able to limp on this leg, yes. Hopefully the priests you know are the ones who will treat idiots for free.

The wood elf tried to stand on his good leg, placing most of his weight on it and then pushed on the wall with his good arm to help prop him up, holding his bow loosely in his other hand, trying not to squeeze to irritate the arm wound. Lead on, lovely lady, finder of the fallen forest folk, gracious giver of the gods' good greetings. For I will, limp on behind you. Alliteration. Nice touch. And to think I'm a beast trainer and not a bard.
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