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His voice was still somewhat humorous, extremely friendly, even after that. By the gods, elf! Do you have any sense. I could kill you. She shook her head though, shaking his hand. She could feel the calluses that built from living in the wild. Her own hands were extremely soft in comparison. "Well, Luca then. I'm Ryana." She nodded at Sully for respect, since the bird seemed at least moderately intelligent enough to understand such a plain greeting. She made a face at his comment of grasshoppers. "I just don't like bugs much." She muttered as he chuckled and then frowned as he groaned.

A right mess. she crouched down beside him for a moment. "Aye, I know a healer. Several, in fact. Priests work best though, since either you're too stubborn to give up money to six thugs or you have none on you. I've little to spare to heal country folk who don't know their way around a city." Her words were harsh, but her eyes clearly worried. She didn't like the look of the cuts he'd received, especially the one on his leg.

She stood up once more. "You able to walk with that leg?" It was matter of fact. If he could walk, she'd find some way to help him to the nearest temple of Randatis. It wasn't too far really. The streets were busy, but it was simple enough to weave through them. Or maybe I could hire a goon to make the way clear. The thought was sarcastic.
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