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The feminine voice startled him and he opened his eyes. Or rather, he tried to open both eyes, but only one was responding to his commands. The sky was twirling. That is never a good sign. And there was a woman standing over him, her red hair hanging down, violet eyes twinkling in the shadows therein. Delusional!

He stretched his right arm up, hand outstretched as if to shake her hand, which was exactly what he had intended. Luca. "Sir" is simply too formal for me. The white bird puffed and squawked, clacking his beak a few times. Oh! And he's Sully. Sully sat down on the cobblestones now, looking less puffy and irritable.

The wood elf chuckled. Now that I'm thinking about it. "Sons of roaches" is a fine insult, but what have grasshoppers ever done to you? He chuckled again and then groaned. You... you wouldn't happen to know of a healer, would you?
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