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She was frozen, watching the fight. Her hand was resting on her blade's hilt, but she could not move. The ease with which this man moved was fascinating to her. Within seconds, three of the six were down already. Her heart jumps as the sword sliced down and the elf stumbled, but a moment later the bird that had attacked the first man flew away holding an... ew... She swallowed to keep down her stomach's contents. One of the men did not succeed in such, and flashed past her, almost hitting her.

The last two tackled him, and she could see no way to help, but only a few moments later, they were all tottering away, finding that their prey had not been worth the hurt. Ryana waited for them to be completely gone, her ears listening to the man's voice as he talked to his falcon. She swallowed again, and then could not restrain herself as her eyes caught sight of the blood on him, his black eye, bleeding lip. Her spell was let go, and she felt the release of magical energies with it as she stepped forward quickly without thinking.

"I can't believe that pack of buffoons. The gall!" Her voice was a mutter as she approached, her reddish hair swinging back from her face to reveal her bright violet eyes. "Sir? Sir? Are you alright? Gods curse them... rogues... Slimy sons of roaches and...and grasshoppers!" there was a fierce anger in her voice that was directed towards the men as she looked over her shoulder at the entrance of the alley. Eyes turned back to Luca though, and looked over him. "They've left you a right mess, they have."
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