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This is... bad. Luca knew that he was outnumbered six to two. Bad odds... The six men were relatively strong looking, meaty even. Eww, unattractive even. Ugly travels in packs, so I've heard.

The gyrfalcon on his shoulder sidled down to his gloved wrist, weighting it down, which brought a cruel chuckle from the presumed leader of the pack. Looks like yer bird dun want you to fight, elf. It's doing our work fer us. Ha! The man, broad shouldered like an ox, his head an egg-like lump with no neck and a caveman brow, began to advance on the wood elf menacingly.

Luca shook the red-brown hair out of his eyes with a single, graceful flip of his head, a high pitched whistle coming from his lips as he launched Sully right into the man's face. The white gyrfalcon screeched and scratched and pecked at the leader's face as the others erupted into motion, shouting echoing up and down the alleyway.

With Sully's distraction and attack underway, the wood elf slipped an arrow from his quiver and let fly with practiced ease. Though there was not much room to shoot in, there also wasn't a whole lot of room to manuever in either and 70 pounds of pressure behind an arrow whizzing down a narrow corridor was going to do some damage. The metal tipped shaft punched into a greasy looking man's shoulder, sticking out the backside partially. He screamed, his weapon wielding arm suddenly useless. Sully flew upwards as Luca barreled towards the leader who was swinging his club wildly while trying to hit the bird. The wood elf swung the bow across his face like a club, sending the man reeling as the bird began to rend another man across the face. Three left standing. And here they come.

The alleyway was suddenly wider with the mild incapacitation of three of the gang's other members. A mule with big ears, a bald tortoise, and an ape with a flat face. The mule and the ape charged Luca at the same time, swords raised. They had obviously been fighting as a team for a long time. They swung, forcing the wood elf back towards the dead end to catch him with his back against the wall. Um, this is no good...

The man frowned, feinted at trying to strike the mule across the face with the bow before ducking low and rolling out. He hissed in pain as a blade passed across his right leg causing him to stumble as he got to his feet awkwardly. Elf boy got hisself an owwie. Oh noes! The mule's joke only made Luca's eyes narrow.

I've no wish to kill any of you for your trap at present. It would be best if you departed before further mishaps befell any of you. The man that Sully had been harrying suddenly screamed and ran a little way before he fell over as the bird flew back to Luca's shoulder, perching there. Blood was wet on the gyrfalcon's talons and in his beak was what couldn't be mistaken as anything else. An eyeball. The tortoise lost his lunch and ran. The leader was beginning to moan. The man shot through with an arrow as leaning painfully against a wall holding his shoulder. The only immediate threats were the mule and the ape.

Do you think this's wise, Hartley? The ape was looking suddenly unsure. Luca grinned coldly, straightening and nocking his bow now that they had been distracted.

It's probably not wise, no. The wood elf responded as he loosed his missile. The arrow skinned the mule's cheek as the man dove for cover, the arrow itself skipping carelessly down the dead end alley. The ape ran and crashed into Luca himself and they fell together a tangle of limbs.

Sully had risen into the air at the sharp whistle and sent himself to attack the mule who fled screaming as he jumped over the tangle of bodies, wrestling in the center of the alley. Panicked and blinded by flailing flesh, Luca struck out at random, feeling pain along his left arm. The sword, idiot. His elbow found the ape's nose several times and broke it, red blood leaking down over Luca's shirt as the man cursed.

And suddenly it was over. The leader was being helped away by the arrowshot man, the ape fled after the mule and the other two simply were gone. Luca's head spun, dizzy as a bruise was forming over his swollen left eye and cut lip. He bled from right leg and left arm and Sully stood on the cobblestone of the alleyway, chattering at him. Luca tried to smile, impossible with the lip.

Well, friend, seems like we're okay. You're a filthy mess of a bird though. Heh. At least, out of the two of us, I'm impeccable. The bird cooed and tilted his head. Luca lay back down, his good leg bent up, the bleeding one laying straight, both his arms out to the side regardless of injury. I have a feeling we're going to need a healer for this one. I don't think moving is logically possible, Sully. I hurt... The wood elf groaned softly and closed his eyes.
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