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Ryana was enjoying the days so far. The auburn haired woman smiled as she wove her way through the city crowds, the familiar sound of people comforting to her slightly pointed ears. It was refreshing to be out on the streets during the daytime. The sun was bright and the people were happily bartering over wares in the market place, urchins and thieves picked their way through pouches.

With that thought, she felt her pouches, knowing that she didn't really have money to steal, but some thieves were odd. Thankfully, the urchins knew her by both her thieving look and her real one. They did not reach into her pockets, knowing that if she had any extra she would be giving it to them without them having to ask or take. She sighed lightly, and heard just barely, the sound of rough laughter and threats coming from an alleyway. Anger flared in her as she stepped over that direction, her eyes searching the shadows.

It was hard to see after the sunlight, but she could make out the six men with clubs and weapons, and the slim man in the middle. Slipping just inside the shadows and flattening herself against the wall, she muttered familiar words quickly. "Ak'mun'ka" Her hand sliced down in front of her, and she felt the familiar wash of magic over her as her camouflage spell flared over her. She slowly stepped farther into the alley, trying to get a better look at the rogues' target. He was a slim, but muscular man, and from the pointed ears and his sharply defined features, an elf. Ryana tilted her head a little, shifting nervously and pushing closer to the wall. He had a country look about him. Stupid rogues...Why do they always pick on the smaller people. Oh..he's got a bow...that won't do any good in this distance, will it? She let her hand drop onto one of her knives, but was unsure how much help she'd be. Often, men were just as concerned about whether she would get hurt if she tried to fight.

Letting out a small sigh, she decided to watch. If it got out of hand she would help out. After all, there was not much she could do if she made herself known right away.
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