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Dmitri rolled onto his side, propping his head up on an arm to regard the woman as she smiled fondly as she relieved her memories. It must be nice to have those memories. Mine seem strange, like everything is part of another lifetime or happened to another Dmitri. I know that doesn't quite make sense, but... it's just odd. I was a man, then a werewolf, and now a man again. What happened in the past when I was a man is simply the past. Being a werewolf was like living through some sort of living dream or nightmare and now that's over. Now I'm... whatever I am. I have a pack and am sweaty and talking to my Alpha about howling at the moon. He looked at her, a half smile on his face, blades of grass sticking out at odd angles in his thick, dark hair.

So when the moon comes out, will you howl with me? It will be the first moon that I haven't transformed under in several years. The first moon that I wasn't in pain under in several years as well. His eyes were a bit sad, his vocal tone serious even though the half smile remained.
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