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Keira sat up with a slightly startled laugh as Dmitri started to roll in the grass. His lack of clothing did not matter to her so much as the pure silliness of how he looked, rolling around like that, getting green stains upon his skin. She watched him though, eyes dancing in amusement with it. As he flopped back down, her eyes crinkled around the corners, noticing bits of grass that were stuck in his hair now that he had flopped around.

His words of the moon made her smile. "Sometimes I believe they do. It is a bringer of light, a teller of time, and wolves are often nocturnal as they are not." She sighed and let herself settle back among the grass, brushing it away from her face, where it would tickle her cheeks. "When I was young, I used to go bay at the full moon with the wolves of the north. One of the packs in the area had accepted me as its own, a two legged pup of sorts, that did not grow as fast as the other pups. It helped that I had Fenrir. I would sneak out and go deep into the woods. There was a clearing that reflected the moons light back up from the snow, and the whole pack would sit and howl." It was one of her few fond memories of the north. The wolf pack had been her true friends. The Alpha had never gotten angry with her comings and goings. She was accepted as a member, and everytime she came back, she was swirled with the scents of all the wolves, and they all rubbed against her, reuniting her with their scent of pack.

A small smile was upon her face, one that echoed distant times, though they were truly not that distant.
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