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Dmitri pushed at his cloak again. It might have been loosened, but it was still confining. He sat up, the leaf slipping way from him, and took it off and flung his shirt off next, both garments becoming a pile next to his discarded boots. The grass was nice and cool and helped the sweat dry so he flopped back into it, blades of grass scattering here and there as some broke loose with the force of his body. He then proceeded to roll in it for a few moments, his eyes closed as it scratched and cooled him. He rolled back onto his back beside Keira once more when he was done. Better. The man sighed, his mouth in a contented half smile.

Sorry. I just had to do that. But the moon, as I was saying before, is mesmerizing. If I didn't know better I would say that all wolves worship it. Every full moon, when I was on my own, I could hear my brethren sing to her along with me. He resituated his arms beneath his head more fully to increase circulation to his fingers. I like how we'll be able to see the moon rise out here. His toes wriggled in the grass, both stretching and wiping them.
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