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Houses. Stupid houses. Stupid stone houses. Kept everything cold. Cold in the summer, colder in the winter. Stupid. Her old house, mansion, invaded her mind with its thick wooden doors and its heavy furniture. The snow of the mountains constant outside, save for a few months out of the year. It rarely rained there, only snowed. Snow, snow, and more snow.

Her scowl was starting to reappear. No! I don't want to brood again.. I am happy here, I am happy to have conversation with someone besides myself, to be free. My family will be as they are, and they will let me do as I please.. Her inner voice was fierce as she forced herself back to the present. "Houses...are idiotic, sometimes." She stated, her dislike of the buildings plain in her voice. "They are as much to keep things inside as keep them out." A small frown crept into her voice with the memory of being locked in her room several different times.

Swiftly though, she pushed it aside, focusing on the pattern of the rays of sunlight that hit the leaves and needs of the forest at a low angle. It would be setting soon, the day was already headed into twilight. "The moon will be up soon... It will light the night for us." She smiled at the thought of the moon. It was always more favored to her than the sun, though in the colder climes the sun was welcome to warm her with golden rays of warmth. But the moon had a beauty of a silver pool, and it deserved every howl the moons gave to it in praise.
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