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Dmitri chuckled as Keira commented about his tongue not hanging out while he ran. It's easier to have my tongue hanging out of my mouth while I run instead of getting soaked when it's not raining. It just doesn't seem to be as effective now that I'm a man instead of a werewolf. He looked up at the canopy of leaves and evergreen needles above them, some that rattled loose with the wind. One maple leaf settled across his chest, causing him to laugh softly as it tickled him.

Houses... They used to seem so important to me so long ago. They were places to store important things and keep other things out. Since I was... changed, I feel better out here. There's plenty of space to stretch out. I still think that I will stare at the full moon from the highest point I can find. He was still smiling, the leaf still laying on him. I think, perhaps, that I've learned how to appreciate beauty as a werewolf. Moonlight is amazing. Makes my tail wag, uh, well, it did. When I had a tail, I mean. The man was feeling very talkative. It was strange for him. He barely knew this woman beside him, her hair spilling out onto the grass much like his own. In fact, while they had traveled with the others, he had only begun to get to know her and, now without them, she was an incredibly different person. But then again, perhaps he was too.
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