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She grinned as he kicked off his boots, her own toes wiggling slightly. Her feet were dusty and dirty, callused. It was plain that she ran barefoot more than not. But her eyes were focused mainly on him, as Fenrir got up to go sniff around the area, searching for anything interesting. Her head was still tilted.

The man's chest rose and fell with the rhythm of his deep breaths, and it gleamed slightly with sweat. She grinned at his comment about wolves not sweating. "At least you don't run with your tongue hanging out of your mouth." She grinned wider as she replied to his question towards her. "Very happy.Buildings make me feel...closed in, trapped...especially those made of stone." She twisted a little, her back muscles stretching. The memory of the stone home she'd lived in up north was in her mind now, and she thrust it back amidst the rest of her annoying life with her family.

"Out here, there is no need for restrictions of any sort. Of course, there are always times when I will be in a town, but they need not know who I am to do business. Furs can trade for high prices sometimes, and money is necessary for many places. Luckily, I don't go to those places often.It is more pleasant in the woods." She smiled slightly, and let herself flop down onto her back next to Dmitri, her hands over her stomach.
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