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Dmitri smiled as his Alpha told him that fire wasn't needed. It meant that they'd be curled up together, all three of them. It was a nice, albeit unfamiliar, companionship. He rolled his shoulders and walked towards where Keira and Fenrir were sitting. He sat down at Keira's side and tugged off his boots, kicking them to the side and flopping down with a long sigh, stretching out his legs and toes with an exaggerated motion, his arms pillowed behind his head. Yes, I'm happy to be out. Out out. No cave, no wizards, no need for anyone to bleed me for magic, no curses, no... pressure.

He opened the cloak around his shoulders to free his neck and began to unbutton his shirt with one hand to flop it open to cool himself down more easily. I had forgotten how strenuous and warming a good run could be. As a wolf, sweating doesn't happen. Now... I'm warm. He smiled and lazily tilted his head to look at the woman near him. I would think you'd be happy to be on the move again as well? I wouldn't think that buildings are where you are most comfortable though they are sometimes necessary.

The man seemed very carefree suddenly, his toes wiggling slightly as he continued to stretch them from being so long in shoes. He was still unaccustomed to the feel, weight, and bindings that were associated with the amount of clothes he was wearing. He yawned, taking in more oxygen.
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