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Keira shook her head, brown hair flowing around her shoulders easily, but small pieces sticking to the side of her face and her neck. "We've little need for a fire. There's nothing to cook, and it shouldn't be too cold, here in the forest. We will have time to make one later if we want to." She smiled, and then stretched one leg out in front of her, reaching forward to grab her foot.

Stretching was needed after running for so long. She would likely need a cool down walk as well. Her muscles were relaxed well enough, her flexibility normal, no tighter or looser than she had been for many years. Her side ached a little as the bruises stretched under the skin with her gentle movements to stretch mostly her legs.

Her eyes glanced around once more, the peace of the area seeping into her and she found herself happy. She had liked Leeli, the spontaneous and kind faerie had been refreshing to bring into her world. And Tera and Fenrir had certainly enjoyed the company of other wolves. But Keira knew that had she been with the group much longer, her happiness would have stayed bitter and sour. But, it was still new, this bigger pack. She looked to Dmitri, smiling softly as she gazed over him. Silently, she wondered again how old he was, and then brushed the thought from her mind. He was still healthy, if needing food to fill out his frame, and he added on something the Fenrir could not to her pack. Conversation.

"You are happy, to be out among the wild?" She tilted her head, much like the animals that she lived around.
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