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Luca knew that the City was big. It was called "the City" for a reason. Randatria was a sprawling epicenter of people. Humans, elves, hiskrs, draconians, orcs, trolls, dwarves, et cetera et cetera. It was staggering how big it was in all actuality. Tall, pointy steepled buildings. Squat, square buildings. Wooden boxes big enough to store a bed in... The wood elf was certainly out of his element. Sully, being a smart bird, decidedly stayed on Luca's shoulder, carefully watching the throngs of people pushing past in the opposite direction that they were going.

This is amazing, Sully! Look at all the people! I think we've brushed elbows with nearly a hundred already and we've only been here... maybe an hour? The gyrfalcon on his shoulder clicked his beak, making chattering sounds in response to the question and tilting his head to the side to get a better view of his mobile perch who was smiling even as they were uncomfortably close to a lot of other bodies.

He would have been robbed four times by now save for the fact that he didn't have any money. Four pickpockets had reached into his beltpouches as they had bumped into him and hadn't felt anything even remotely similar in shape to coin. Luca hadn't even realized it. He was busy gaping at the sights around him like a tourist. This is so huge! I can't believe that Ma and Da and everyone didn't want to move here instead! The buildings are just so shiney in places. The windows reflect the afternoon light and... Wow. Just wow!

An urchin came and tugged on his pants. Luca looked down at the dirty human boy with the black eye. What's this?

Puleeze, Misser. You look strong. My sis's hurt and I can't git her home by myself. The boy sniffed for effect and looked at the wood elf with large puppy eyes. Luca, heart strings sufficiently yanked on, nodded.

Why certainly, young fellow! I couldn't not help you. You have to help family. He followed the boy into a dark alleyway to help the boy take care of the sister that he didn't see. The bird on his shoulder squawked loudly. Unfortunately, as he came to the end of the dark alley, there was no little sister to be seen, but rather six men boxed him in, his back against the literal dead end. Why, hello gentlemen. I'm looking to help this boy's sister. Have you seen her?

Sowry, Misser. I dun got a sis, but I got meself a silver for this an' now I can eat. Bye! The boy scampered off with a silver clenched in his fist. The men unsheathed clubs and swords and Luca's throat tightened.

Give us the money, elf. The apparent leader slapped the flat of his sword menacingly. If you don't, you're going to meet an untimely death.

Luca held out his empty hands as Sully gave a chirp of alarm. I think this is all a misunderstanding, really. I don't... I don't have any money!

The men laughed maliciously and began to advance on him, bowing him further in on the dead ended alleyway. No money, eh? If you can't pay the protection tax, well, then you ain't got protection, isn't that right, boys?

Y... you should really reconsider. This won't end well for anyone. The elven man slid his bow free from his shoulder. This was not going to be a pretty fight for anyone, least of all him.
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