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Dmitri was pleasantly sore from all of the terrain they had covered with their feet and legs alone. His human form was more unpracticed than his werewolf form had been, but he was resettling into his natural body patterns easily enough. There was a feeling of liberation since they had left the wizard's lair behind that grew steadily the more distance put between himself and it. There were no little faerie bugs flying around his head nattering at him to do this or that or anyone to tell him he needed medical attention for this malady or that. There had been little to no talking the entire day save for when Keira had needed him to dig through the food satchel for something that could be eaten while running. But more pervasively was the feeling of camraderie. The silences felt comfortable to him. The sound of his feet had thunked dully on the ground accompanied by the little scratches as Fenrir would trod over a rock or two and Keira's feet hissing through longer grasses. A natural melody.

His long, thick hair stuck to his neck in places thanks to the sweat he had worked up without knowing. As Keira called for a stop, the man gladly halted, scratching his neck before shaking out his shoulders and dark mane of hair. He reached out his arms and stretched them forward before pulling them up to arch his back.

Despite the fact that he was a wolf no longer, it didn't take a wolf's keen senses to smell the scent of cedar and pine, the soft scent of growing things, and the moisture that hung in the air. While it was close to sunset, there was still plenty of light shining between all the foliage, casting lovely warm colors here and there that lent the place a peaceful aura. It was simply heaven for Dmitri. His blue eyes gazed about, drinking in the magic of the world about him as if for the first time. How could he not?

The man hadn't seen Keira look at him, but turned to look at her as he was inspecting the entire camp and saw that she seemed loose and nearly carefree. It seemed strange since he was so used to her permanent scowl and distant glances. The way she ruffled Fenrir's fur was easy and free as well and the wolf seemed used to her attitude. It seems peculiar that she would be like this, but perhaps she is more at ease now that our group has split up. There is no contention between herself and Elle now nor does she have to worry about the loud bug telling her that she cannot go what way she chooses. Perhaps my Alpha is simply... happy.

She sat down, Fenrir beside her and looked at him. He had never seen her look more young before. Her eyes were eager and bright. Had she been a wolf, her tail, he was sure, would have been wagging and her tongue sticking out to the side. Dmitri smiled at her. Alpha, should I gather firewood or do I have your permission to sit beside you for a while to catch my breath? He strode nearer to receive an answer as well as to set the food satchel down beside her in case she was hungry. There was much to do before nightfall if she wanted a fire.
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