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It took a bit less time to get back to the forest than it had on the way to the wizards home. The party moved often, eating when needed, but usually still moving along the way. Keira's feet were itching to get back to familiar territory. She did not like open plains that had no game. At least the plains around Randatria had plentiful rabbit and deer-like creatures. They were not rocky, empty, like the valley had been.

It was coming down to sunset when she called a stop for the day, now in the forest, surrounded by trees and branches and underbrush. Fenrir was panting lightly, his tongue hanging from his jaws, and his tail wagging with happiness. It was just a small pack again. There were no strangers to get used to, Dmitri knew his place, and the man was wolf-like enough that the wolf was accepting him, as Keira did.

The girl had called the halt in a small clearing in the forest, one that she had passed before, but never stayed in. It was surrounded by thick-trunks of cedar trees, and the smell alone was refreshing to her, mixed with the scent of loam, and underbrush. But the presence of her declared pack was even nicer. There was no conflict among them, and there was no reason for her to be grouchy. The running she had done that day, though tiring, had worked her muscles as they needed to be, and she felt all the better for the tiredness that was creeping into her limbs. Her voice was happy as she looked to Dmitri. "This is a good place to sleep." She stood in the center, just soaking in the scent of the area, letting her small pack slip to the ground, and laying her glaive alongside it.

Fenrir came up beside her, nudging her palm onto his head. She ruffled her hand into her fur, and realized inwardly that Dmitri had never seen her away from a group of people. She was still strong, as Alpha as any human would ever be for a wolf, but her scowl was replaced by a small, half-wild smile, and her hazel eyes were clear of frustration for the moment. Without another word, she let herself settle, sitting upon the ground, and Fenrir laid beside him, his body curled around her crossed legs, and she looked at Dmitri with a happy eyes.
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