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Tali nodded and went to grab the blanket, yawning again. She pulled the corners over her shoulders and dragged it over to where Shalin was, looking like she was wearing a long cape. She snuggled into Shalin's warmth, more comfortable in a bed and leaned towards Willy too.

"Do you think.." Her mouth opened in a long and wide yawn, cutting off her sentence. "..we'll be back home tomorrow?" Her speech slurred a little as sleep dragged at her brain. The surface was as close to home as she could get. She would never have a physical home, she suspected. But she told herself now, her home was where her heart was. And her heart was with her small, strange makeup of a family that she had managed to compose for herself. Shalin and Ra and maybe Willy if he could manage to come. She liked the way he looked at her. It made her tummy seem to float away from her when he gave her that toothy smile. She was loved, she could feel it for the first time in a very very long time. And it was wonderful to feel loved again.

With the happy thoughts, she drifted to sleep easily.
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