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Tali nodded, still digesting all the information. "I'm glad everyone's okay." She hugged Shalin where she could reach and yawned. "Yah, the cookies were yummy. Reminded me of home." Her smile brightened. "Mom used to let me help make them all the time before..before..." She stopped when she realized what she was saying. The girl bit back her sadness and shook her head. Her mom was gone. Never coming back. And she had Shalin and Ra now. "I just miss being on the surface."

She yawned widely before looking at Willy. "What are we supposed to do now? Ra's busy talking with Mr. Captain Bryant so I dont wanna interrupt." She spoke with a childs tongue when she meantioned the Captain and while she seemed bratty in the wagon around Bryant, his harsh repremands stung. She didn't like to be scolded and usually tried to avoid situations where she could be. But she slipped, forgetting the different culture. So she didn't want to run into the drow man again, especially when he seemed so...broken.
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