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Tali happily munched on the familiar food, the chocolate lifting her spirits a bit and the sweetness re-energized her. When she tired of being in the kitchen, she took Willy's hand and dragged him from the kitchen to the main of the house again.

The whole time she'd been in the kitchen, the situation changed. Tali froze.

Everyone seemed to be drinking. Ra moved towards the meanie gard who looked broken against the wall. There was another draconian that she didn't know but had Nephi's voice. Kithra looked like she'd been dragged up a rock wall and there was another weird lady like Kithra she didn't know. The little girl's eyes were wide as she stared around. "Wh.. " She stammered, looking for Shalin, then she stopped. Shalin had that look about her. Tali chewed her cheek as she thought about it; the look she had after she went beserk in the fire cavern thing. Like control had almost slipped from her grasp and she was trying to regain it again. It was in her eyes.

The girl released Willy's hand and walked over to the horse woman. "Shalin, are you all right? What's going on?"
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