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Ra blinked, his mind racing. How would he be able to help her? He sighed lightly, letting himself sink, settling closer to the ground, a warrior instinct for staying put. "You are a draconian now, like me. I do not know why the dark goddess chose you to be so, but that is what you are, a creature of surface water instead of Underdark tunnels." Her tail lashed, and though he watched carefully, knowing the damage that the limb could cause, he held steady.

Her last statement made his eyes widen from shock, even as she buried her face in his thick neck. He pulled back a little, and leaned back to look at Nephi's face. "Nephi...you are anything but that." His green orbs searched for gold. "You have a new body, that you do not understand, I know...but do not ever think you are ugly. You have muscles you didn't have before, you are denser, stronger, tougher...but you are beautiful, and amazingly so." One hand trailed up over her shoulder, pausing for a moment as he remembered that qsar were not very used to physical touch. But then he blinked and continued moving his hand. She was draconian now, and because of that, she would need to be used to it.

Ra let his hand come to a rest on her cheek, putting enough pressure there to ask through only touch for her to look up at him. "Nephi, you are no longer qsar...but you are still Nephi, you're still you. Please do not be scared."
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