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Kithra sighed softly. It's never easy when Bels is around. I hate her, but she does a decent job. As long as no one is dead, it's been a success. Now if it had been Ritz, then we'd have been in trouble as when she does her priestess thing, people die. Constantly. Bels is... different. The drow woman sighed again. Come along, horsepants. We'll go have something to drink in the parlor and leave your friend with his... uh... girlfriend. Shalin nodded mutely and came along with her without hesitation just wanting someone to explain how someone could transform another someone into a different someone.

Nephi let herself weep, tears tracing a visible, shimmering ribbon down her reflective scales. I feel so... different. My muscles pull all wrong and I'm sore everywhere. My head aches horribly and I... don't even know what I am anymore. She picked up a hank of limp dead hair off of the floor and held it between her fingers even as Ra held her. The draconian woman did everything in her power not to look at the wings left on the floor like a pair of overly large leaves that had fallen off a strange tree and dried up, the bones left inside crumbled to dust.

Her tail lashed suddenly, smacking the floor with a resounding noise that startled her. Qsar tails were mostly immobile save for slight movements to help them change direction where draconian tails were meant for defense among other things. The muscles fluttered underneath her skin and she did not know what to do about them. I... I do not understand this... this body. She curled her face against his neck, feeling the strange cool sensation of his scales against her own, the alien bumps and the slight lack of sensitivity. I feel so... ugly. Nephi shuddered, letting her tears continue to run.
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