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Belasithra smiled her cold smile as she regarded the draconian male with her impassive red eyes. Why, dear child, the drow pact with the nation of the qsar, of course. The female is an exile. She cannot return to her home. There are very few options for a person of that status. Go home and be killed by one's family which would cause pain for the loved ones, lose oneself out in the tunnels and survive by being a creature that feasts on lichen and loses their mind or wander about until said creature dies, or go to the surface. As we know, the qsar are a nation that wishes its existance secret. The drow are party to this pact. If the qsar wish to go to the surface, they must be transformed so they become only raving lunatics if they should talk about their own people to the surfacers. Her chuckle was icy as she put a hand to her lips casually. And just in case you wonder, I did not choose the form. Vacellessa herself chose the form and her punishment.

The drow woman brushed past the draconian swiftly. I have done as my Dark Goddess has bid me. Fare well, children. She pushed past Shalin's bulk as the centaur blinked, both frightened and awed. And then Belasithra was gone.

Nephi grasped Ra's hand in a firm grip, stronger than she had been before or perhaps that was simple terror. She was whole, healed, with not a scratch or drop of blood to be seen anywhere on her. Ra, I'm scared. Her voice warbled, more from emotion than from weakness. She struggled to sit up in this new body, wishing that the man would put his arms around her and tell her everything would be alright.

Shalin, uncomfortable suddenly, turned and went to see where the priestess had gone off to or Kithra even. Somewhere other than where they were. Her mind had a difficult time registering the power of a priestess of Vacellessa. To be able to change a being into an entirely different being... I... That power would be terrifying.

Kithra came in cursing softly and Shalin met her at the door. Left, did she? That's a relief. Bet the healing wasn't what you had expected, eh? The centaur shook her head furiously, her blond hair shaking about her shoulders.

She's... It... Nephi's a draconian! The merchant drow blinked and scratched her head.

That's a new one...
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