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Ra froze as he watched the transformation. He could tell it was painful to Nephi, but he also saw that her leg was regrowing, and surely, no matter how painful that would be, it would be better in the end. But still, the draconian wanted to go to her, pressing himself against the barrier with all his strength. His green eyes widened further, barely comprehending what was happening as he watched scales grow too fast, and her body shift from a exotically beautiful and amazing qsar, to that of an even more exotically patterned draconian. Why would the drow priestess turn the qsar into a draconian? He narrowed his eyes, pushing harder against the barrier, almost whimpering as he watched her hair fall out, surrounding her with black strands, and her wings wither, dropping behind her.

For a moment, his eyes flashed to the priestess, filled with rage. Happy as he was that Nephi was healed and well, the violation of turning someone into another being was wrong, no matter whether it saved a life. But his eyes shifted back to Nephi, and he stumbled forward as the drow waved her hand and let the barrier drop. Almost running, he slid to his knees in front of her, eyes wide with shock, but glittering with a strange mix of emotion. Happiness, worry, rage, sadness, fear... every thing swirled around in a random pattern.

He reached out, as if to touch her, and paused to glare up at the woman who had healed Nephi. "What deal would causssse sssomething sssuch asss thisss?" He demanded, eyes roving over Nephi's new form, barely noticing that his worry had made him hiss. She was even more beautiful than before it seemed, though the change had shifted her to a far more sturdy form. Carefully, he let his hand lower, touching her shoulder gently, and placing his other hand on hers, blinking and looking down at her before glaring back at Belasithra, eyes demanding.
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