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The golden barrier held against Ra's weight as he thumped futilely against it. The magic was tightly woven together, a mesh of stone and steel though mostly transparent. Anyone from the outside could see what was happening on the inside, but not be able to interfere.

Belasithra was an experienced priestess, one of Vacellessa's chosen. The incantation required her utmost concentration or she would have laughed at the draconian's efforts against the power of Vacellessa's barrier. The Dark Goddess was not one a mere mortal could face alone.

Nephalia's stump of a leg was shrouded by dark magic that swirled around it like an unholy fog. Her bones popped and her back convulsed as the magical fog infused itself deep into her bones and caused her missing leg to regrow. Black bones sprouted and straightened, black muscle tissues wrapped around black bone, and black scales sprouted along a foot that seemed too wide for her normal foot. The woman cried out in pain, tears rolling down her cheeks as she rolled onto her side and sank her fingers into the floor as if she could transfer the pain into the stone below her. However, that was not all that was happening to her though she might have wished it was.

Glistening dragonfly-like wings withered from her back, becoming dry and brittle before cracking off like sunburnt, peeling flesh. Her tail thickened and lengthened, becoming stronger than it was before. Her face lengthened, her nose sinking further into her face, her mouth becoming longer and wider. Her ears sunk into her head at the same time as her hair slowly fell out. The horn-like projections on her forehead converged into one another becoming a single, larger horn-like thing, point aimed towards her back even as a thin membrane grew between her scalp all along the way to the horn's end point. Her thin fingered hands widened, the nails becoming pronounced claws. Her already thick skin thickened further, growing scales from head to tail. And it was only a matter of time before the transformation finished and the dark fog-like magic disipated, leaving Nephi behind, alive and healed.

The woman whimpered on the floor surrounded by a pair of dried up wings and the remnants of her beautiful, lustrous long hair. Her large golden eyes were closed tightly behind scaled lids. She could feel the difference and did not want to see it quite yet though Ra would be able to notice it immediately. Belasithra, priestess of the Most Holy Dark Goddess Vacellessa, had prayed to her goddess to heal the broken in whatever fashion she saw fit. Before her lay a draconian female, whole in health and weeping into the floor. Nephi remained her normal coloration, a pale blue with golden eyes. Her crest was shaped like a sail with a black membrane. Her hands up to her mid forearm and her feet up to mid thigh were covered in dark black scales along with a wavy pattern down the curve of her spine to the tip of her fine tail. Her claws were stark white. In draconian standards, Bels thought that the woman must be beautiful. The cold red eyes looked at their patient with quiet calculation. You are healed, woman. Open your eyes, get up, and walk.

Nephi shuddered. What have you done to me?

Shalin stared in horror and fascination at everything that had just occurred, unknowing what she could have done or could do at this moment.

It is not what I have done, but what my Goddess has chosen to do to you, oh exiled one. Your people made a deal with mine in ages long past, sealed with blood and bound with sacrifice. Now you are no longer your people and the pact has been honored. The drow woman waved her hand, dispelling the barrier while putting up another around herself in case Ra had any ideas of getting close enough to try to harm her. You might even thank me for what has happened. Her cold smirk was too hard to contain now.

The qsar woman, now draconian woman, whimpered softly once more. Her clothing was in tatters from all of the changing angles of her new body. Shalin waited to move until Ra did something. Nephi was, as the centaur thought of her, Ra's to deal with in a situation like this.
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