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Willy took Tali's hand in his own and lead her through a different door than the one everyone else had gone through. It was the one more directly leading to the kitchen over by a water pump. Kithra had always been pleased that she had been able to get a water pump for her home when many other denizens had to use communal wells or stake a claim on a underground lake which only the wealthiest could procur due to half a dozen bribes to well placed officials. The boy smiled at the girl with him and thoughtfully began to answer her questions. We have sweet 'tatoes, 'tatoe bread with hot butter spread on top, flat cakes, crunchy fish, an hard candy. 'Tatoe bread is my personal favorite. The food down 'ere is just as good as the surface, but a little diff'rent because we can't get some things.

He released her hand and put an arm around her shoulders when he realized what she was whispering and how homesick she was feeling. He'd been through the same thing himself, but he knew that he could never truly go home again and, if he did, who would be there at his home but empty memories where his dead family once existed. You'll get back ta the surface, Tali. I swear you will. His voice was stable, kind, and determined. He didn't make promises lightly and anyone could tell that from the quality of his somewhat squeaky, young voice.

The elven boy opened the door into the warmth of the kitchen and it smelled like roasting meats in sweet sauces just like Willy had known it would. The fat eunuch that was cooking was undeniably a drow which a feminine face though he had once been a man. He hummed to himself as he worked, a kindly smile spread across his wide face as he stirred. Rodile had been Kithra's cook for nearly 20 years now and was happy that he had an occupation that was not serving in the temple of the Dark Goddess anymore. Rody, I'd like a snack fer me an my friend.

Cook Rody chuckled deep in his throat. Oh ho ho! A girlfriend, eh? My lil Willy's growing up, hmm? Willy's eyes rolled and he grinned. I'll dig around for something. Just a moment will you? The boy nodded, his arm still around Tali's shoulders as he sought to comfort her. Rody had pushed a mixing bowl off to the side and waddled over to a cupboard. Opening its doors, he peered into it and sighed softly. I was saving this for Miss Kith, but I do know how you've a sweet tooth, my dear boy, and I'm sure our guest will like them very much. Exotic delicacies that they are... The cook took a tray from the cupboard and came back to the children with a grin that meant that the children were supposed to keep a secret. Chocolate chip cookies made with imported flour. I'm sure that Miss Kith won't notice if a few are gone. He winked and bent down to offer his tray to the two children.

Willy beamed and rubbed Tali's back encouragingly. There ya go, Tali. Cookies are like up there. Even with imported flour. The boy took one off the tray with his other hand and waited to take a bite until Tali took a cookie for herself. Thanks, Rody!

The priestess drow raised her arms and muttered an incantation in a strange language which caused a film of golden light to cascade down across the opening of the doorway. The film was a barrier, Shalin knew that as she looked back. She had seen one of her past employers hire a wizard to do that to protect a metting place from assassins. Okay, now I really don't like this. The centaur frowned, uncertain about what to do. She could hear the priestess chanting once more and shuddered at the ugly sound. She placed a barrier now so we can't enter the room unless we find a way to break it, but, by then, she'll probably already have done what she wishes with Nephi and our other escort. I don't like this Ra. Not one bit. Should we... should we go back and watch?

The magic floating around in the room wrapped Ioped in coldness as it seeped into his form. The male qsar gasped as the tendrils crawled into his lungs, forcing them to expand. Lelwou tehyagha madtha wey?

Hhhithis gadtha Pahlou cattys wen ay yanna'madtha... Yaswahs Lopili de kan Pahlou y yassas maris. Exile. The words were forced from the man much like a question asked under a truth spell.

I see. Thank you. You are now healed. The priestess that Kithra called "Bels" grinned as a flood of red-violet magic converged on the male qsar and warmed up his cold muscles with the heat of her spell. Ioped sighed from relief and then once again fell unconscious to sleep off the effects of the magic while she turned her gaze upon the one legged qsar woman on the floor. And then the chanting began once more. And then the screaming started coming from Nephalia's throat.
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