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Ra's eyes shot up as the priestess told them to leave. He looked over to Shalin, and then back to the priestess. A frown was on his scaled lips; he didn't trust the woman, but he had no real choice. The lizard nodded to Shalin, and looked at Nephi."I'm not far, my lovely Nephalia..." His voice was barely a whisper as he slid his hand away from her face and stood.

His eyes could barely leave the drow woman for more than a few seconds. Ra just felt like he had no one to trust but Shalin in this underground world. Shalin and maybe Nephi, but who else could he rely on to have his back, to take care of the small group they had formed? His eyes locked onto Shalin and he blinked reassuringly. "We'll be close by." He stated quietly to her, gesturing for her to set the other qsar down.

He just hoped everything would turn out better than it seemed.
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