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Willy helped Tali down off the wagon. The others had run into the house so quickly that the shorter legged girl would have no hope to truly keep up with them. We'll head off ta the kit'chen, Tali. Nab us a bit to eat while ever'one else takes care of the sick 'uns. Come wit me. He smiled his same gap-toothed smile and tugged gently on her arm, not wanting to stick around much longer with the drow who was taking care of the lizard. He knew that the kitchens would smell like roasting meats in savory sauces and, if they were lucky, hot potato bread fresh out of the oven. The boy's stomach growled in anticipation of a quick snack that the fat eunuch cook would give him.

The cold eyed priestess nodded impartially as she listened to their short descriptions of the maladies that had befallen the two qsar. She stroked her chin as she looked Nephi over. Interesting... A stone worker this far out of her holes. She affixed her red colored eyes on Ra for a moment. Qsar never let their stone workers out of their fortress cities. This one must have escaped or been exiled then. And as you are all brethren of the free air, I can only assume that she broke the treaty than none may speak of the qsar or behold the qsar that do not abide by the treaty. An icy smile spread across her face.

Shalin frowned at the woman's way of speaking towards herself instead of to Ra or Shalin herself. So, can you heal them? The question was blurted out impatiently.

The priestess bowed her shoulders. Yes, leave me then and I shall work out their wounds. Shalin glanced at Ra, unsure of whether or not that they should leave either of the qsar in her care. Kithra had said indeed that the priestess was a healer, but the centaur crawled all over with bad feelings about her. But she was a strange drow and their customs were not her own, how could she know one way or another? The red eyed stranger waved her hand at the two surfacers, telling them to leave the qsar in her care.

Kithra passed by Willy on her way back to the wagon. The boy took one look at her face and was doubly certain that Tali should go to the kitchen to avoid whatever was giving the drow merchant such a sour look inside. You'll like Cook. It's a friendly person. It's potato bread is the sweetest, best food you've ever tried!

Kithra rolled her eyes at the boy. Fine. Snack first, Willy. Be back here in a quarter hour, okay? He nodded, grinning.
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