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Ra followed closely behind Shalin, not even noticing that the centaur had torn up her sides a little, along with the floor and doorway. The draconian was careful, slipping through sideways to fit Nephi through comfortably, and letting his tail bend to not scrape against the door much. His claws ticked lightly against the floor, but as he was stepping smoothly to not bump the woman in his arms, his feet didn't scrape the floor as much as his companion's hooves had.

Kithra brushed past him as he was reaching the room. He hadn't noticed her horror-stricken face as she had seen the other drow, but his ears did register Shalin's stammered explanation of what had happened. His eyes moved to the drow woman, green eyes scanning. She was beautiful, he supposed, in her culture. long hair, tight clothing, curvy... but in his mind, every bit of her was too rigid. Her posture, her attitude, and hairstyle too. He added onto Shalin's story. "They both were. He seems like he's just unconscious..." He nodded down to Nephi "She had broken her leg fighting, and then somehow covered it with stone, and it broke off when she got ran over... I'm not sure how much pain she's in, but she's conscious now..." He trailed off.

His eyes looked to the drow priestess, his mind whirling with doubts. Would she be calling upon dark powers for the healing? A momentary pause, and then he moved towards one of the pallets, knowing that it was usually easier to work on a patient who was laid out, rather than half curled in another's arms.
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