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Willy tried to give Tali a comforting smile as Ra took Nephi from the wagon and started after the centaur and drow woman. The boy hopped down off of the wagon himself and offered Tali an arm to help her down. It'll be okay, Tali. We'll go inside and our doc will heal'er up fine. We can find some munchies too for ya. He knew that she'd be a little unsure of herself at Kithra's house with its black walls and yellow colored lanterns that provided the only outdoor lighting. The elf boy would show her to the kitchen where she wouldn't get stepped on and, once things had settled down, he would take her back to her friends. The kitchen was always the place for children to stay out of the way except for the cook. The thin male drow, taking care of the lizard, gave Willy a narrow eyed glance, but other than that, made no move of hostility.

Nephi quieted down as Ra carried her. She said no more in either common or her own tongue. The qsar just kept her eyes tightly closed and her mouth pinched with pain.

Kithra opened her front door with a quick hand and waved at the centaur, hoping that the creature would fit past the doorframe. It would be a close thing, she figured. And it was. Shalin dipped her head and held Ioped close to her chest as she put her more humanoid torso through first. It was the equine shape that wasn't working so well. Her horse-like shoulders scraped badly enough as she pushed slowly through the opening. Her girth stuck. Kithra, take him! Please! I'm stuck.

The drow woman sighed wearily before bending to help Ioped stand, leaning semi-conscious beside her. Shalin, arms freed, placed a hand on either side of the frame and pushed towards the inside of the house. The frame itself creaked as she slid forward, kicking her back legs against the outside step to propel herself inwards. The drow woman was wincing the entire time as her doorframe had not only been a bit bent now, but her front step now had a crack in the middle of the stone and her wooden flooring was now scuffed beyond repair. Kith held in her small sob of devastation, but could not hide her wince. Shalin was completely oblivious that the wince was for the building and not for the scratched up appearance of the centaur's hide. Don't worry for me, Kithra. I'll heal up fine. These are just some relatively minor scratches. Shalin smiled warmly thinking that the drow actually cared about her well being.

...Uh-huh... She thrust Ioped towards Shalin again and began to lead them down a corridor to an open room with no door. A woman in a black robe stood in the center, three pallets in the room on the walled sides.

Kithra, I see. These are what you called me for? The woman was a drow, her white hair pulled up severely into a high ponytail which was still hanging down to her waist. The black robe hugged the curvaceous form tightly, the inset ribbed corset obvious along her sides with its bone-like projections evident even built into the fabric. The sleeves were long and hung loose by the elbows to the wrists. The skirt was tight against her hips and flared out for her legs and was decorated in black lace adorned with golden beads. The neckline was a low cut as one could get away with without being completely naked up top and she wore a golden pendent in between the bulging mounds as to draw more attention to what was there. Her eyes were red like Kithra's and her features were very similar that Shalin thought that they might be related.

I asked for a healer. Why are you here? Kithra's face went from somewhat horror stricken for her floor, to completely sour at the sight of this woman.

Why I am a priestess, of course, and I was already here by the time you arrived. The priestess gave an amused smile, cold.

Kithra sighed heavily in her throat. Fine, Bels. Do what you want. Just leave me out of it. She looked to the others that had followed her in. Bels, is a priestess. She can heal. I'm going to look after my cargo. Kithra then left, leaving everyone whom had followed her in with this Bels woman. Shalin was a little hesitant, but entered the room and deposited Ioped on a pallet.

Uh, he was run over by the... the wagon. Outside in the tunnels. Um... I don't... I don't know what's wrong with him. Shalin stuttered on the words, still uncertain about the cool eyed woman whom was smiling at her.
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