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Ra gave Tali a reassuring look and nodded for her to hop out of the wagon first. His voice was soft as he talked to Nephi in a murmur, but his words were clear. "We're getting a healer, Nephalia. But we have to move you from this wagon. You'll be out of pain soon.." he only hoped his quiet words would reach her. The lizard pulled his hand away from her cheek, letting it slide down under her neck and behind her shoulders, and slipping his other strong arm under her hips, careful to avoid her tail and careful to not bump her stub of a leg.

His mind still raced with confusion over her attitude towards him from earlier, but he was much more concerned with how she was right at the moment, in pain and needing him. Wow, I'm much too serious when I'm not drinking... The thought ran through his mind quickly and disappeared as his gold and green eyes focused on Nephi.

Slowly, his muscled bunched, pulling her up against his armor-covered chest gently and holding her carefully as he moved towards the exit of the wagon. His leg stretched to find solid ground so he wouldn't have to jump, and showed itself to be a little longer than it looked when it was bent in his odd leg formation. Clawed toes scraped a grip onto the rock, and his other foot followed, his tail following him out of the wagon and scraping on the ground for a moment before he raised it to help him balance the qsar woman's weight. But she was so light that in his worried mood, his tail was only barely off the ground.

Please, be alright. He looked towards Shalin and Kithra, following them and trusting that Tali would be where she was supposed to be. She was a smart child. "Speak common, Nephi.. I cannot understand your tongue... He murmured to her, wishing he could have understand what she had been saying in the wagon. He had made out his name and Tali's but the other words had been gibberish.

As he walked, he bend his head down a little, to where Nephi's head was by his shoulder, pressing his scaled face softly against her cheek, hoping it comforted her.
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