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Even Willy jumped at the noise of the woman's suffering. Tali was fast by the qsar woman's side, her hand clasped about Nephi's. The qsar squeezed gently on the small hand, a trembling smile appearing at the corner of her lips. Ra's clawed hand stroked her cheek and remained there. Her free hand wrapped his, holding it to her face. Her eyes, though unseeing, squeezed tightly shut, tears dripping from them. Tali a Ra. Hygeji pluesa. Eiiteowai.

The other qsar stirred, hand against his forehead. Ioped was slowly becoming conscious again.

It was fortunate that the wagon slowed at a slow pace instead of all at once. Kithra pulled Odos to a halt and into a turn towards a building that could only be described as a large hut attached to some sort of small warehouse with a fenced in "stable" for the large lizard. Shalin was pleased to finally be somewhere to stop because her hooves were killing her. Besides, the awkwardness of the previous conversation between Kithra and herself had filled the remained void from then and now with a batch of awkward silence.

Is this it? Your home? Kithra nodded curtly.

As much a home as anyone can call a rundown shack on the fringes of a dirty city. Call your friends. We should get the injured inside before I call a healer to look in on them.

O... okay. The centaur made her way to the back and blinked at what she saw. Nephi was uttering things in qsar, but was awake. The other qsar looked a bit less unconscious. Ra and Tali were swarmed over the female qsar. And Willy was sitting on the edge of a box looking like he wanted to figure out some way to help Tali with whatever it was.

We're here. Kithra says we need to get everyone inside and then she'll see what we can do for a healer. I'll take this one if someone can just turn him towards me more. She pointed to Ioped. Willy jumped to the task so Tali and Ra could keep their time with Nephi and gently shoved Ioped into Shalin's awaiting arms.

He was a fairly weighty man, but Shalin was quite strong enough to hold him. She went around to the front of the wagon to look for Kithra who was already at the front door to the large hut, motioning the centaur to come that away. A very thin looking drow man was unfastening Odos from the wagon. He appeared to have very few muscles and nothing even close to a fighter's build nor any collar around his neck. Shalin only paid him a cursory glance as she didn't feel she had the time to gawk when some lives might be in the balance.

Nephi was as light as feathers without her stone leg, not to mention being less a leg completely. Willy was waiting to guide Ra and Tali towards Kithra's home when they were all set with Nephi in tow.
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