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Ra smiled at Willy's words. He was not sure how to cheer anyone up with the situation that the group was in. He was happy to see someone smile.

He too, almost jumped when Nephi cried out. Tali moved quicker than him, as he remained frozen for a moment, but an instant later he was on his knees by the qsar's side, eyes worried and muscles tense. He didn't know if there was anything he could to in reply to Tali's begging eyes. His shoulders weighed heavy with more than the weight of his armor. Gently, he reached out, resting fingertips on her forehead and feeling the heat of her skin against his cool scales.

The Draconian's fingers traced down her face to rest a palm on her cheek. "Shh, Nephalia... you'll be fine." the unsure statement ran from his lips easily, as if he were telling a child everything would be alright. He looked quickly at her missing leg for a moment, and then back at her exotic face. Silently, he willed her to be better, even though he was sure it would do no good. "You'll be fine..." He whispered it so quietly it was almost inaudible, reassuring himself that she would be.
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