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Willy's warmness comforted her and she nodded a little, sniffling away the rest of the tears. She had heard bits of Willy's own lifes story as he spoke of his parents and she knew that he would understand her past as well. Well, parts of it anyways. She wondered if they really could bargain with Kithra to let them take Willy along. He was friendly and acted like he cared for her. Just like Shalin and Ra cared, only if felt less paternal. She knew that she had found a substitution for parents in Ra and Shalin, but the feeling from Willy was different and she couldn't seem to explain it to herself.

Nephi's outburst made Tali jump a clean foot in the air in startlement. "Wh.." She couldn't seem to get the words out of her mouth. Without thinking and ignoring the pain in her head and neck, the girl knelt by the qsar woman and took her wandering hand. "Just relax Ms. Nephi. We're getting help. P..promise." Seeing Nephi in that much pain scared Tali and she didn't know what else to do. Wide eyes looked up at Ra, asking him to do something, anything for Nephi.
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