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The wagon rolled by inexorably, inexhaustively as the lizard, Odos, pulled it forth. The street that they entered upon was paved in cobblestones that shone blackly in the multi-hued light. The lights themselves were a myriad of hues, unlike those of the qsar city of Pahlaou. Pale pinks, ghostly yellows, starlit whites were common enough alongside the greens, blues, and violets. The drow driver smiled brightly, humored by the exchange with Bryant De'obloj. Both a sense of despising the man and finding him utterly alluring flitted through her head as she imagined a whole host of things that she'd like to do to him to take care of both present feelings. How she wondered at what he might think of her inside his hard facade! The centaur that walked beside the driver's seat marvelled at the woman's display of emotions as they were cast across her face as obvious as clouds across the face of the sun itself.

Kithra? Are you okay?

Wuh--? Huh? Oh, um, yes. Fine as can be! The drow smiled sheepishly for a moment, pulling her hood around her head snuggly. Shalin's eyebrows lifted as she continued to walk in momentary silence.

So... um. It's none of my business, but--

Kithra sighed heavily and waved her hand dismissively. You're right. It is none of your business, but I'll tell you anyway. Bryant is gorgeous. He's a fat head. He's a stickler for the rules. I hate him to the very depths of my being. But ohhh how I want him! Shalin choked. The centaur spluttered and coughed trying to clear whatever saliva had dripped into her lungs. No kidding. Imagine how I feel about the whole thing. He wouldn't have me anyway. He doesn't belong to my House so I can't order him about. My position in my House isn't worth lizard shit so I can't order anyone else to order him about. Aaaaand, I'm just guessing this, but I think... he hates my guts.

The centaur blinked her big brown eyes a few times, trying to figure out what had been just uttered to her without a concern of being overheard by anyone in the back of the wagon or on the street. Uh... Couldn't you...? I mean, err... Just ask him? Nicely? I mean, um, if he hates your... um, you?

Kithra flashed her eyes towards Shalin, a grimace on her face. After you just heard him say that, if I attempted to seduce him one more time, he'd throw my ass in prison without so much as a second thought? The drow wrinkled her nose before chuckling shallowly. I could just see it now! Ha! Bryant, I know we have started off on a bad foot. Please have the compassion to jump my bones for me. It's not a seduction because I don't want anything. Well... except for that, of course. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Yeah, that'll work, horse pants. Kithra rolled her eyes.

Shalin shrugged, embarrassed. Well... I... I don't--

The drow looked back to the road with a soft huff of resignation. I know. You've never been mounted before so you don't know how to do anything like that. I know.

WHAT?! I don't see how any of that is your busin--!

Settle down, horse pants. I know you don't mean anything by it and I don't either. You're inexperienced and I'm in a pickle. I get it. I'll figure out how to settle my own problems... somehow... Shalin's flanks shivered and her tail whipped back and forth in agitation as she tried not to take anything Kithra said personally. The blunt speaking drow had her sincerely puzzled. Of course, it didn't help that Shalin had no idea how a "house" would play into anything going on with her limited, or rather next to nothing, knowledge about the drow themselves.

Willy frowned a little as Tali's tear rolled down her cheek. He scooped up another tear from her cheek with a well placed, but gentle thumb. Dun cry, Tali heart. See? Ra forgives ya. You'll be okay. I'll take care of ya. The boy with the gap-toothed smile kept an arm around the girl even as he watched her, making sure no more tears fell from her eyes.

Nephi gave a quiet little cry and opened her golden eyes. She blinked, her eyes bleary, confused, full of pain. Kuzzu... Kuzzu'et delotelonel'ot twuo... She groaned, pinching her eyelids tightly closed as her body tiwtched and convulsed in pain. Her teeth were grinding together loudly and moisture formed at the corner of her eyes. Eh'estra! Eh'estra! Ahh! Her hand reached out for anything to grasp. She had to squeeze something. Her fingers quested about, finding nothing but empty air which filled her with fear even as she felt the blinding pain which stole away her sight.
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