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Ra smiled gently at Tali. She was still young, and he had learned how humans, and most likely other races, were about their children. Seen, not heard, and far better when not seen either. He was happy to have been with the Draconians, where the children, while not supposed to interrupt or be disrespectful, were still loud and noisy and everywhere. He knew the mentality of answering a question, but he also was thinking that Tali should be more careful.

They were all treading on dangerous ground here. He had only heard of the drow, dark elves who worshiped evil gods and goddesses. His skin crawled to think of it. Instead he turned back to Tali. "It'ss alrright, Tali. Jusst be carreful herre. We are sstrangerrss to thiss placce.." He coughed a little and paused to get his hissing under control. "We've no way to tell what measures these people might take, even if it's simply because of being surfacers."

He looked out the back of the wagon as they started moving again. It had been a long few days. And there was still Nephi... His eyes turned back to her. Had she been trying to kill herself, rather than love a forbidden person? Had she wanted to die while saving them? He shook his head to free it of questions for the moment, wishing that he could once again lose himself in a drunken happiness.
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